The total delivery time for your order is the period from when your order is shipped until you receive it.

At Ecofreshblooms Inc. we ship your order according to the delivery date selected by you.

We need to receive your order, at least, 5 days before your order should be delivered.

Please take into account that the transit time may be longer than expected due to holidays or unforeseen situations. Therefore, we suggest you order, at least, 8 days before you want the flowers delivered and select a delivery date of 2 days before your event.

Ordering process

1. After you place the items you desire to purchase in the shopping cart, click on Checkout.

2. Fill out your personal information and delivery address.

3. Select the delivery date

4. Accept the terms and conditions

5. Select your payment method

6. Click on Place order

Once you have placed an order, you will receive an email with a confirmation number and the details of your order including the date, the payment method, the list of items you purchased, the delivery address, and the invoice address.

We will then process your order according to the selected delivery date.

If you paid for your order with Amazon Pay, our system will process the payment and will send you an email confirmation of your payment after we ship the order. If you pay with your credit card, you will receive a payment confirmation by email as soon as you place your order.


We ship with FedEx all orders so we can provide you with the best available shipping and delivery service for fresh cut flowers.

Shipping is Free and there are no handling or packing fees.

Our system will send you an email as soon as the shipment is made. You will find the tracking information if you visit your account on We also recommend you visit to track your order and find the estimated delivery time in your area.

Depending on the day of the week on which you place your order, the total delivery time for your flowers can be as fast as 4-5 days (this applies only when you select the closest delivery date available). If you place your order on a Tuesday, please be aware that the delivery may take 2 more days.  Please check the table below for more detailed information.

FedEx shipping and delivery service information:

Day you order The day when your order is shipped Expected delivery day
Sunday Monday Thursday
Monday Tuesday Friday
Tuesday Thursday Monday
Wednesday Thursday Monday
Thursday Friday Tuesday
Friday Saturday Wednesday
Saturday Monday Thursday


FedEx requires an adult (18+ years) signature in order to deliver your flowers. Sometimes, FedEx will leave your flowers at the delivery address without requiring a signature. This is rare but can happen when the FedEx employee considers it's appropriate to do it. If FedEx decides not to leave your flowers and no adult is present at the time of delivery, the order will be taken back to the nearest FedEx local office, where you will be able to pick it up at your earliest convenience. We highly recommend you make arrangements to be present when the flowers are delivered. Otherwise, the flowers may be damaged if exposed to very high or low temperatures.

Please note that the color displayed on your monitor or mobile device screen may be a likeness and not the exact color of the actual flower.


Sometimes the USDA will open a box of our flowers to check if it contains insects or pests. This is a completely normal situation and it may happen to any flower company.

If your box is strapped with a yellow color strap in the middle of the box, the box has been opened by the USDA. Our straps are white with written on them in green letters. We always use two straps.

Sometimes, the USDA leaves the flowers outside the plastic sleeves we use to wrap each flower in. This may cause mechanical damage. In other words, some petals may be brownish. 

In this case please remove the damaged petals and place the flower in water as soon as possible. Please watch the video below that describes this situation:

Customer Responsibility

For the secure arrival of your flowers, please follow these important recommendations:

1. The delivery address must be a physical address (no P.O. Boxes)
2. Make sure the shipping address you provide is correct. Ecofreshblooms Inc. will program delivery to the address provided by you at the time of order. We are not responsible for delivering flowers to addresses that are listed in error or incorrect.
3. We ship your order at your own risk, but we take special care to protect your flowers. We use appropriately sized cartons and your flowers are well protected.
4. Ecofreshblooms Inc. is not responsible for shipping and delivery interruptions or delays due to the following:

- Forces of nature beyond reasonable control, such as acts of God, acts of any government, war or other hostility, civil disorder, the elements, fire, explosion, power failure, equipment failure, miscarried boxes, inability to obtain necessary supplies, industrial or labor dispute.
- National or local disruptions in air or ground transportation.- Unsuccessful deliveries due to the recipient not being present at the time of delivery supplied by the sender.
- Decreased product quality due to an incorrect address or re-routing request provided by the sender.
- Product quality problems due to improper handling by the recipient. 


For flower claims, you must submit pictures and a written claim within 24 hours of flower receipt. Claims past this time will not be accepted.

In case you have a flower claim, we will at our discretion but after dialoguing with you, refund your money or replace the product previously ordered as soon as possible.